Apple Sneakers: Sustainable, Stylish and Comfortable

It’s time to widen your thinking, as apples are not only for eating, rather it is used to make a variety of products that we use on a daily basis.

These ‘take the apple’ vegan shoes and assure great lightness to your feet. The Italian company Frumat created the AppleSkin Leather that we use in our sneakers to develop a more sustainable manner in fashion without abandoning comfort and style.

By using apples that would have otherwise been discarded as waste, they have proved that it’s time to widen your thinking and use apples in a totally different way.

Appleskin is 100% cruelty-free, waterproof and one of the most innovative vegan alternatives to leather.

The beautiful leather is transported to Portugal where the magic happens and handcrafted these beautiful shoes

Our collection:

Balancing simplicity and fun for versatile styling. Comfortable for daily wear, this classic sneaker is made with natural apple leather materials and is all about balancing simplicity and fun for versatile styling.

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