From a small village in center Portugal to the world

Made in Portugal

 This is the story of our socks. A journey that starts in Porto, where it is imagined and designed, and ends at your home. In the middle, we have several magical steps that happen at our partner in Lousã: the factory and warehouse where the plans are put into reality.

Everything begins with a concept: The Captain Socks must create outstanding products with quality that represent hobbies and professions in the main collection. There should be minimalist drawings and wearable in any situation, formal or casual.

It was a challenge for us and for the experts, bringing to life minimal designs among so many colours and taking into consideration the selection of the best cotton yards produced in Portugal. For that, several tests were made until the final product, with the quality we established for the brand, was made.

This was a struggle, one that that Mr. Luís, the passioned owner of the factory, never turned his back on, making effort after effort to manufacture the type of socks we envisioned, guiding us through the best knitting machines to produce our dream socks.

After the first quality check, the socks entered a different process - they are steamed and pressed back into shape, before the final stage: paired, label and get prepared for shipping, on their way to their new forever home.



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