Colorblind Socks

World’s first colorblind socks arrive from Portugal


The Captain Socks hails from Portugal and brings world’s first collection with the International Color Code for Daltonics, also created in Portugal.

Daltonism affects a tenth of the world's male population, among them personalities like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Clinton or Prince William.

Color mismatches and hard time combining outfits have their days numbered amongst daltonics from all over the world. World’s first socks with ColorADD representation code suited for color-blind people condition have arrived and are made in Portugal.

The main problems that challenged color-blind whenever they interact with socks - Color mismatch and its fit to the rest of the outfit have now a solution.

We currently export patterned and wool socks to about 60 countries. ‘In Europe there is not a single country to where we haven’t shipped to already’. New Zealand, Australia, Japan or Singapore are stamps on our passport. Now the time has come for color-blind suited socks to join our portfolio.

The system we use is the ColorADD, which identifies the primary colors (red, yellow, blue), secondary (orange, purple and green) and neutral (black, white and grey) with symbols directed to the people with daltonism. These new socks range is 100% produced in Portugal and relies on Egyptian cotton as raw material.

About ColorADD
Created in 2008 by Miguel Neiva, Portuguese graphic designer and professor, Colour ADD boosted its global-scale popularity when, in 2017, Mattel included it in Uno game cards. Today, there are from colour pencils to schoolbooks, all ColorADD enabled.

The system was absent from socks to date.


See the collection.