Lawyer socks

Size: EUR 35-40/UK 3-6/USA 4-7

Step into the courtroom with confidence, and leave a soft footprint with our GOTS certified organic cotton socks.

When it comes to making a strong impression in the courtroom, every detail counts. That's why we've created our Lawyer organic cotton socks - GOTS certified for unparalleled quality and sustainability. Made from the softest materials available, these socks offer superior comfort as well as unmatched style. Whether you're presenting your case to a judge or negotiating with opposing counsel, Lawyer Socks give you the confidence and edge you need to succeed. So put your best foot forward and step up your game today!

  • Comfortable and Soft: Our organic cotton socks are made with soft materials that offer utmost comfort to your feet, making them perfect for everyday wear
  • EcoFriendly: Our GOTS certified socks are made from sustainable materials that have a minimal impact on the environment, ensuring you can enjoy stylish footwear without harming the planet
  • LongLasting Quality: Made with highquality materials and expert craftsmanship, our socks are designed to last longer than traditional options.


Socks guaranteed to stay put all day under the toughest circumstances.

GOTS certificate - Certification Organic Cotton - this certification confirms that no toxic chemicals, no child labour and no environmental damage have been involved in the manufacturing process.



Crafted with 200 needles and hand linked.

Composition: 80% Organic Combed Cotton :: 17% Polyamide :: 3% Elastane

For better results, wash inside out.

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