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Low Socks

About our Socks

Why 200 needles?

Using machinery with 200 needles we have longer lasting socks with more detailed designs.

More durability due to the higher thread count, because of that the socks tend to last longer than the usual pair.

This extra thread count also allows richer colours and detailing shapes to look better and smaller.

Experience a perfect fit and comfort


Seamless toe finishing.

Reinforced heel and toes. Now, you can Wear Socks and Show Uniqueness.

No stitch, no itch.


& finishing

80% combed cotton for a soft and comfortable fit. Quality assured at every wash.

And due to the stitching method, our socks get a smooth cotton finish and with only two sizes fits most of you.

To finish your quality socks, we include a honey-comb welt up top for the best fit in every calf.


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