We believe that socks are a way of expression, of sharing interest, of expressing to the world what we are made about.

We believe that socks are about love.

Here in Portugal, where we design and produce our socks, we have a tradition in textiles and we love what we do, that’s why we create The Captain Socks. We carefully choose our raw materials and the integration of the best technology to produce high quality socks to last (seamless, 200 needles machines and a jackard finishing).

Our brand is a tribute of what we do and what we love, designed with minimal patterns that represent our passions.

So, from our home to yours: wear socks, show uniqueness.

Are you tired of socks falling apart after a few years?

Our Combed Cotton socks are seamless and stitched using 200 needles to be more durable, comfortable and colour rich.

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Be The Captain